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AC Firebrand vs Roddyjaegerbombs – Match Report – 18th September

Editors Note: This weeks match report is written by budding singer song writer and Firebrand resident bean counter Gordon MacLeod. As the season draws to a close Master MacLeod will … Continue reading

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AC Firebrand v Living Socialites (3 semi pros) – Match Report – 11th September

Author Today’s Match Report was brought to you by the rather limp wristed Jeremy Warren, long suffering Firebrand keeper. Jeremy’s condition is caused by a repeated peppering of 50-100 shots … Continue reading

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AFC Firebrand vs Prince of Wales – Match Report Weds 14th August

This is a time when Video match highlights don’t tell a true story… could be mistaken for watching this Match of the Day esq highlight reel and be left thinking … Continue reading

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Homemade Chicken Goujons with Parmesan and Black Pepper

It’s been a while since I made Chicken Goujons, but seeing as I’m back on the cooking bandwagon I thought I’d dust off this classic recipe and add an Italian … Continue reading

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Reasons my housemate cries – Dead Mice

New update for reasons my housemate cries is brought to you today courtesy of the Daily Mail. This is the tragic story of a mouse trying to save his friend … Continue reading

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Reasons My Housemate Cries – the Barclays Advert

Todays “Reasons my housemate cries” is brought to you courtesy of the new Barclays advert, #YouAreFootball, for the 2013/2014 Premier League Football season. My housemate is very distressed as to … Continue reading

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Chorizo and Bean Hot Pot

Back on the cooking trail I was on my way to making a cheeky ratatouille when I decided to divert and make a Mexicanesq inspired Chorizo and Bean Hot Pot … Continue reading

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