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AC Firebrand v Roddjyjaegerbombs – Match Report Weds 31st July

This weeks match report is brought to you by Firebrand’s resident Bean counter and part time Comedian, our very own Highlander…..Gordon MacLeod. It’s important to note, Gordon puts his HR … Continue reading

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The tyranny of Religion?

Like everyone who heard the news yesterday, I was shocked and appalled by the death of Lee Rigby, a British Soldier, murdered on the streets on London by British born … Continue reading

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adidas – a tale in failed customer service

Tonight I will tell you a story of woe, failed customer service and above all poor quality craftsmanship. The tale begins some six months ago on a holiday we will … Continue reading

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2 Years on from a quarter life crisis – By Ashley Petrons (AKA Blade)

Author Bio: Ashley is a friend of mine from University,  follow her through her quarter life crisis and read all about Ashley’s insane challenge to do something for charity every day … Continue reading

April 17, 2013 · 1 Comment

All kinds of time….

So today I had to give a presentation and putting it mildly I had a mini freak out. The last time I gave a presentation I was 17, for clarification … Continue reading

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My Stupidest Footballers XI – by Nick Bere (aka Blade)

Author Introduction (from Blade): I am delighted to introduce to you my long standing compadre Master Nicholas Bere, aka Gordon Ramsey, Wayne Rooney, Matt Damon, that guy from X-Men Who … Continue reading

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Why professional football is a wasteland for rolemodels

I can’t watch a game of professional football without at some point feeling a sense of disappointment and often disgust. The flow of play, speed and skill elicited by the … Continue reading

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