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Lyrics to make your heart glow by Shane Koyczan

I stumbled across a poet, a lyrical genius with the power to evoke emotion through ‘Spoken Word’, a rare breed in the modern era. His name is Shane Koyczan His … Continue reading

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A return to form….four fave youtubians

Hello you lovely internet folk, it has been an age since I last picked up the key of board (also know as Excalibur) and typed away to make known the … Continue reading

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Bowies in Space, what you doing out there man?

Chris Hadfield touched back down to Earth roughly a week ago following his stay on the International Space Station. Over his lengthy mission, Chris Hadfield has developed into somewhat of … Continue reading

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Daft Punk – Random Access Memories – Free

Oh sweet freaking Jesus the new Daft Punk album’s here and you can stream it for free on Grooveshark. I bloody love you Grooveshark. First reactions, hit the follow up … Continue reading

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Schmoyoho’s epic YouTube hits

I stumbled across the most amazing YouTube channel the other day by the name of schmoyoho . Put simply, these guys take viral videos posted by often ridiculous individuals and … Continue reading

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Ultimate Guilty Pleasure Songs – an update

So it’s been a while since I did my first post rating my Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Songs and I thought perhaps I’d do an update with some terrible songs. … Continue reading

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Seven Songs for Snowboarding

If your snowboarding style is aggressive, reckless and revolves around speed then you will love these next seven snowboarding tracks. I curated this list over my four snowboarding holidays and … Continue reading

April 13, 2013 · 1 Comment