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If you’ve navigated your way here, you are either  lost (in which case hit the back button) or you want to find out more about the blog and perhaps even me.

The name:

Lets get this out the way early as i’ve already been asked several times about why the site is called “From Blade“. It stems from a story brought to my attention by my housemate Simon, check him out on twitter or read his works on Digital Spy.

So here lies the tale…..

When filming Blade Trinity, Wesley Snipes decided he would remain in character for the entirety of the film. I mean why not, you are a bad ass half human, half vampire, when is there a better time to remain in character. For “Blade” this pretty much consisted of sitting around smoking weed all day and only answering to the name Blade.

During production ‘Blade’ and the director David Goyer fell out, after ‘Blade’ accused Goyer of being racist and tried to strangle him (as you do). From there on out ‘Blade’ would only communicate with Goyer via the medium of post-it notes, all signed ‘From Blade’.

If you don’t believe me, here is the original story on Digital Spy.

From Blade

This isn’t of course where the story ends….after Simon (Reyno) finished telling myself and my fellow housemate Adam (Big A P, who can also be found tweeting), we all decided moving forward when communicating with each other we would sign of every message and tweet “From Blade”.

Thus ensued weeks of emails, texts and tweets all “From Blade”….it still continues to this day when we can be bothered/remember. So it comes as no surprise that when attempting to think up names for the site, it wasn’t long until “From Blade” Popped up. So there you have it.

Why did I create the site?

The site came about as a new found passion. I started writing articles as part of my work and I found that I enjoyed it, and to my surprise people told me that I was good.

I am however consigned to a fairly strict brief in my current role and am only required to write occasionally and more often than not its on a technical topic that to retain credibility can’t contain irony, sarcasm or general stupidity, all of which I’m known for. So “From Blade” is a conduit through which I can channel my new found passion and write about the topics I wish, the way in which I wish to write them.

Hell it may even help me get better at my job, whilst helping to improve my spelling and my grammar, which if you haven’t noticed is generally appalling. I’m renowned at work for typo’s in emails and PowerPoint presentations within monthly meetings.

So put simply, I write for fun and I hope you enjoy it.

A bit about me…

What can I say really, born July 1985 I am gradually coming to terms with the fact that I’m and adult and that one day I may even have to act like it. I’m not the tallest man in the world at 5ft 3, I enjoy growing a beard and my dress sense is at times erratic. I grew up in the country with a loving family, 2 awesome parents and 3 amazing siblings who have always been there for me and thankfully I am very close to.

I love my sport, my first love is Hockey, I am currently a member of  Dulwich and Tulse Hill Hockey Club, where I Captain a motley crew called the Royals. My next greatest sporting love is Snowboarding, I went for the first time in 2009 and have since been hooked. Below is a video of my most recent excursion in 2013 in Serre Chevalier (i’m the one in the orange helmet).

In the summer you will find me playing Ultimate Frisby (yes it is a sport) with an awesome group over in Wimbledon. It such an expansive game and there’s nothing more satisfying than throwing a 50 yard arching pass for someone to dive full stretch and catch for a score.

Outside of sport I love my friends, i’m lucky to have gathered a host of amazing and loyal friends along the way who make my life an awesome thing to live. My only wish is that I had more time and that they weren’t scattered far and wide so I could see them more often. Make time for your friends….they are some of the most important people you will ever have (thats a bit to Baz Lurmhan – Sunscreen).

I’m a tech geek at heart, I love pulling apart computers and putting them back together, I enjoy the occasional amateur coding and I flipping love gadgets and games consoles. I spend far to much time online with a sniper rifle mercilessly picking off unsuspecting victims from afar in an undisclosed bushy location. I have an IPhone 5 which I hate, as explained in my post ‘Why I hate my Iphone 5‘. I’m sad to say it rules my life as it helps connect all the dots in my life, i’ve made a promise to myself that one day i’ll get rid of my smartphone and go back to basics.

So there you have it, thats me. If you want to follow me I’m on all the standard platforms.


One comment on “About

  1. Tay
    March 28, 2013

    Great Blog Ed. You ARE good at this:-), keep writing, I will keep readingxx Tayeb

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