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Working on THD hockey clubs website redesign with Indigo Studio

I’m currently working with a most excellent piece of software, Indigo Studio.

It’s a nifty little program that quickly allows you to create a website wireframe. This innovative and easy to use tool quickly allows you to mock up a multitude of designs. I am currently using it to help project manage and influence the re-design of Tulse Hill and Dulwich hockey club’s website, where I am a member.

Indigo Studio website wireframe tool

Indigo Studio – Screenshot

How did I end up on the project?

I joined the club as a playing member in 2011. Since then I have captained two teams – the Aztecs and the retired Royals – become the website officer, disciplinary officer and now Men’s Club Captain. I love the club and so naturally I want to help it grow.

Part of this means sitting on the clubs steering committee and getting involved in various projects – hence the current website redesign project. I am working with Peter Krenkson, an awesome freelance website designer and developer who is responsible successful redesign and launch of THD’s new and improved site. My task is to help steer him and ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible. So what have I been doing…

Homepage redesign

At the moment I am creating website wireframes of how the new homepage layout could look. One of our biggest frustrations with the current design is one of flexibility. The core elements of the homepage are fixed and cannot be changed. The website is one of the main forms of communication with our members, and the existing design restricts this. We are unable to place urgent announcements or upcoming events front and centre on the website for our members to see.

I have created 4 homepage wireframes of how the new design could look, all of which integrate the idea of flexibility. As I mentioned, the key focus of the site is communication to existing members and showcasing the site for prospective new members. I have therefore included these concepts in the homepage designs – from new member sign up forms to a promotional videos, I think i’ve covered all the bases.

This is all made possible by Indigo Studio. I am certainly making the most of the 30 day free trial. The interface allows you to select from a number of browser sizes. Then in the side menu there are a multitude of drag and drop elements that can be added to the wireframe. This includes adding imagery, form mock ups, dummy video sections and pretty much any other website element you might consider.

Below is the existing design, followed by my 4 wireframes which took me roughly an hour to create.


All about wireframe 4

Having put the 4 designs in front of the committee, wireframe 4 was the option of choice. It was largely selected because it integrates everything we need in a single design. The rotating carousel allows us to highlight urgent announcements as well as showcasing events and imagery to engage new and prospective members. Club news shows all the latest goings on, with two forms for new member and newsletter sign up featuring front and centre.

This design is now with Peter, I cannot wait to see what he does with it. I’ll keep you posted.


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