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5 badass YouTube videos to make your Sunday

YouTube-logo-full_colorSo, i’ve been a bit of a YouTube fiend for a few years now. My job involves countless hours spent researching the latest technology and associated trends using the world wide web.

This makes it almost impossible not to be continually bombarded by some of the most attractive and viral content across in the public domain. Video snippets and headlines that just scream click me. Not those bullshit Huffington Post/BuzzFeed junk, you know the ones, the “something did something and then you’ll never guess what happened next” type headline. The shit just got real, I have to tell my friends kinds of stuff….

Along my travels i’ve found some awesome sites where the very best and most current viral videos find a home. Before I hit the the top badass videos to blow your mind, here’s my sources…

Here’s where the best viral content is at…

  • ShortList Virals – although the material coming out of ShortList is in my opinion rather shoddy, the guys over their curating and building the Virals section of the site are really earning their paycheques.
  • Upworthy – this is where I find most of my uplifting/funny/actually humans may not eradicate ourselves of the face of this planet and deserve it type of content. And where I first discovered the amazing Kid President from Soul Pancake.
  • Mashable – the guys over at Mashable are best known for breaking Tech news, but their Viral Video is pretty damn special to.

So without further ado, here are my top badass videos to blow you mind:

One of those days 2 – Candide Thovex

Without doubt Candide Thovex is one the craziest, most competent and creative freestyle skiers hitting the slopes in 2015. He’s so good, I might forgive the fact he’s not on a snowboard. His first incarnation of One of those days is also worth 4 minutes a 2 seconds of your life.

Hardcore – the worlds first action P.O.V film

This first person masterpiece of a trailer could usher in a whole new generation of films. The action is spectacular and I love the fact that the whacky Sharlto Copley (from District 9, Elysium and A Team) plays a plucky World War Two style British soldier.

Line of the Year (2014) – Cody Townsend

I’ve watched many a ski and snowboard video in my day and Cody Townsend’s ‘Line of the Year’ is just incredible. To have the skill and courage to track this descent is almost immeasurable. A feat i’m sure few could match.

Epic surf session at Jaws

When the waves are so big you need a jet ski to drag you in to take your line, that’s when you know it’s life or death. The relatively new generation of surfing known as ‘Big Wave Surfing’ is epic, but you have to be a major thrill seeker to consider anything so reckless.

Lego Back to the Future

One of my favourite movie scenes of all time recreated in lego, of course this was going to make the list. The guys over at Macro Lego Universe are absolute flipping legends for taking the time to put this together.


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