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Reasons My Housemate Cries – Distressed Moth

So I recently read an amusing blog “reasons my son is crying“. Put simply, it’s one fathers ongoing documentation of the numerous and often bizarre reasons his small child is crying.

I myself live with a somewhat sensitive housemate, who is regularly reduced to tears for bizarre, and to me often amusing reasons. So as the reasons get odder, I like any caring housemate have decided to follow suit and document her many often mind boggling reasons to crying.

My first instalment will cover the latest incident that inspired my writing and a brief series of past highlights well remembered.

Today’s Incident

A “distressed” moth was trapped in the kitchen with it’s friend moth trapped on the other side. The gravity of one moths plight for freedom and separation from a loved one was simply to much for my housemate. Cue water works.

Past highlights

– When the owl dies in Harry Potter
– When Michael Caine is alone at the end of Dark Knight Rises
– Anything where a horse is injured (hence why it was the worst decision ever to watch the Grand National – imagine inconsolable wailing and crank that up to 11)


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