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AC Firebrand v Living Socialites – Match Report Weds 24th July

You join us again for another rousing match report from AC Firebrand’s THE Jeremy Warren. It appears the team were so badly beaten that Jeremy would rather pimp his upcoming Road Trip and Blog. Think fear and loathing in Las Vegas minus the drugs, good looks, fun and weird blonde guy sat in the back.

Firebrand…  I thank you!

In just two days time, I shall be embarking on a most excellent adventure, across the pond, in the good ole U S of A.  Myself and Begoo have both taken advantage of the most generous offer of the 7 year sabbatical! Thanks Rob & Stef! So from Saturday, I will be away for 4 weeks, and thus will be unable to bring you these eagerly awaited match reports until I return.  For this I apologise.

Should you have the hankering to see what exploits we are getting up to though, or are simply missing my witty prose, then please, feel free to pop on into the travel blog I have created, especially for the occasion:

This will have all the news and photos as they come in (wi-fi permitting of course).  Feel free to comment on anything, and offer bail money should either of us get arrested…

Anyway, to the game.  Well, playing the team at the top of the table, not having lost a game for several years, you’d think it might be quite tough…  But, before I continue, I have had a couple of requests asking whether I could keep it shorter, just for once, as they would like to enjoy it straight away, rather than having to file it away and reading it later in the day, either at lunch or after work.  Well, as this will be my final report for a while, I will, on this occasion anyway, oblige.

We lost. No-one scored.  Table will be out later in the day.

So, back to the road trip I hear you ask?  Well go on then, seeing as you twisted my arm so much…

We fly into Chicago and commence on a 5,000 mile round trip, ending back in Chicago, taking in the following places:

Route 66, Lynchburg, Memphis & Graceland (all Tennessee), the Mississippi river (playing poker and drinking whiskey on a steam boat), Arkansas, Texas (Dallas and The Alamo), New Mexico including Roswell, Arizona, Boot Hill, Ok Corral,  Tucson, Flagstaff for the Grand Canyon, Colorado, Denver, Dodge City, Nebraska, South Dakota for Mount Rushmore, and of course, the unparallelled Darwin Minnesota for the worlds largest ball of Twine.  With many, many other places along the way.  Log into the blog and follow us there to enjoy more :-)

Apologies if this is all taking you by surprise and you weren’t aware of our road trip, I know we’ve kept it quite quiet, but a couple of people have known about it…

Don’t forget to cheer on your local Firebranders over the next 4 weeks, and watch us shoot up that league table…  Using Gordon’s summer party presentation as inspiration, if we all only improve by 1% we will walk this league!!

See you all in a months time!

If you wish to continue AC Firebrand’s progress / defeats, check out the team page on Top Corner


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