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A comprehensive guide to Microsoft Technology

This post like many is a bit off topic and in keeping to my style follows no apparent pattern, man I am edgy (if you are missing the irony, perhaps you shouldn’t be here, you also probably don’t have the mental capacity to read this also).

I don’t tend to mix my blog with work related stuff……mainly as it is super technical and I worry that most of you wouldn’t be interested / get lost in the detail, patronising perhaps but from my experience of explaining to friends, you really wouldn’t be interested. Anyyway i’m breaking from form having recently worked on a project creating an Infographic that depicts all existing enterprise technologies offered by Microsoft.

I came up with the idea and managed the project from start to finish. Involved in every aspect I took the initial concept, collaborated on the research and wrote the initial briefing before what felt like the guys over at Hutt River plucked what I had imagined and made it a reality.  Its actually really scary how close their final design is to the initial picture I had in my head and I absolutely love it (you might hate it, thankfully I don’t care what you think, no offence).

Check out the graphic below and you can see a full scale size over at my companies website.

A guide to Microsoft’s Enterprise Technology by Firebrand Training

I had so much fun working on the project and am consistently humbled and in awe by the sheer scale of Microsoft when looking at the stats. Just a few highlights from the graphic.

  • SQL Server when at peak performance can process 11,500 transactions PER SECOND, just think how long the human equivalent would take
  • 1 Billion people use Microsoft Office Worldwide….that’s 1/7 of the worlds entire population
  • From October to December 2012, Microsoft’s Server revenue alone accounted to $6.7 billion, that my friends is a lot of money.

What’s more amazing is that all this started with just one man…..a man with one hell of a brilliant mind and a brilliant product, a man that I can only be imagine has endless motivation and passion to make great products.

As part of the research I stumbled across an awesome video where Bill Gates and Steve Jobs do a joint interview back in 2007….it’s crazy to look at what these two great minds have created.



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