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A return to form….four fave youtubians

Hello you lovely internet folk, it has been an age since I last picked up the key of board (also know as Excalibur) and typed away to make known the thoughts inside my mind.

The days of future past have been spent expelling my musings on all things technology for the express purpose of the company I represent. Come even I was drained of my creative flair so that when evening came I wished not off creating works of art, but off beer, food and friendly company.

Sufficient time has now passed and so I feel a return to form….tonight I will share with you four of my favourite findings from YouTube in times gone by.

First up…

Californication (RHCP cover) | Katt Wade feat. Beccarr11

I’ve written about Katt Wade before, I first spotted her when listening to an original by Funeral of a Friend only for one of her tracks to come up as recommended called Roses for the Dead. Her voice just strikes a chord in my soul that makes me happy….this girl can sing.

She has recently teamed up with equally well know cover artist Beccarr and they have created just a little piece of Magic.

Next up is some acapella gold…

Song of Storms Acapella – Zelda Ocarina of Time – Smooth McGroove

We’ve seen Smooth McGroove before as he bought us Street Fighter flashbacks with Guile’s Theme, Back, Forward, High Punch, Sonic Boom mother fuckers. this fella can aca-bloody-pella (that rhymes and you know it does Marge).

As he belts out the Song of Storms i am transported back to my youth and the least ergonomically designed controller ever to grace my golden hands of gaming wizardry. Damn you N64, I loved the Zelda game….the worse thing about my XboX360 is that I know it will never have a Zelda game on it. Thats like being told you can never sleep with Zooey Deschanel again….thats what that game means to me.

Dr Who Loving…

Doctor Who – The Rings Of Akhaten song

This little track is a snippet from my favorite Dr Who episode, the Rings of Akhaten. Its not so much the song, it’s the Doctors speech, impeccably written and perfectly delivered by Matt Smith I couldn’t help but be roused by the feeling and conviction he placed in the words.

For that reason it makes the list….

Last up… Red Bull gives you wings….

Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate

This final video is brought to you in part by Red Bull….the marketing guys at Red Bull are seriously smart….they have invested, sponsored and facilitated some of the most extreme sports and sports stars out there. They create breathtaking videos that showcase unrelenting talent from an elite groups of what i like to call nutcases.

This little video is filmed so well to capture the imagination of a child and Danny shows off his mad skills, and watch to the end for some serious spills. No wings there.

Check it bitches…..

So there we have it….till next time.


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This entry was posted on July 18, 2013 by in Music, Sport, YouTube.
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