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AC Firebrand v Dynamo Chicken Kiev (Game 4) – Match Report Weds 17th July

This weeks match highlights are brought to you by resident Firebrand Bean counter, and apparently part-time comedian Gordon MacLeod. So without further delay too the report……the report will be interrupted by extend YouTube Highlights. 

It’s Thursday morning, which means it’s time for the latest instalment of the amazing adventures of your favourite football team, AC Firebrand.

Those of you that prefer just to skip to the end for the final score, or don’t even get that far, here’s the link to the league website (and the team specific page) for the latest results:

Those who prefer to feel as if you had actually been there and experience the match twist by twist, and turn by turn, read on…

Buoyed by last weeks first win, the team headed into their match against basement dwellers ‘Dynamo Chicken Kiev’ full of confidence, though with a much changed line up, with only 2 survivors from last week in the ever young Jason Crane and your scribe for the week Gordon MacLeod. A number of absentees left the team with a bare 5 players, most notably James ‘I’d rather play with my real mates’ Lappers-Lapwood, and Jez ‘I’m off to the theatre daaahhhling’ Warren (to see, and I quote the man himself quite literally, an ‘adult show’. To be fair to Jez, I think by adult he just meant for grown-ups and not children, so it’s nice to see he’s moved on from the likes of peppa pig live).

Anyway despite these setbacks, anticipation remained high, to the extent that for the first time ever a crowd had assembled for the match, in the shape of our fallen hero Ed Jones, and a mystery brunette who shall remain nameless to protect her street cred for (a) spending more than an hour in public alone with Ed (Editors Note – sources close to the nameless brunette claim she thoroughly enjoyed her hour alone with Ed, when question about her time with injured Firebrand lothario, the nameless brunette gave a rye smile and responded “he’s quite the charmer, that’s all I will say”) , and (b) giving up her evening to watch us muppets running around aimlessly for half an hour. That said – thanks for your support, the team really appreciated it, and the rest of you are more than welcome to come down and cheer us on some time, though check with us which weeks as we’ll let you know when there’s a game we have a decent chance in… ;-)

To the match, and the game finally got under way in the evening sunshine. With pitch side temperatures unoffically recorded at close to 40’C, fitness would undoubtedly play a key part in the game. A problem perhaps for the older quartet of Jason, Neel, Marcus and Gordon, who are all sadly as fit as you would imagine when you’ve seen them walking round the office, but surely not for the young whippersnapper Nick Johnson.

Indeed so it seemed as Firebrand raced into an early two goal lead through 2 unstoppable efforts from Nick, the second an absolute beauty into the top corner from just inside halfway. Neel was showing some lovely touches, and Everyoung was in complete command at the back. Marcus threw in a couple of tasty bodychecks to make up for his woeful touch in front of goal, and stand-in keeper Macleod was proving equal to all that the Kievs could throw at him. It seemed that a convincing victory beckoned. A deflection eventually wrong footed the keeper to allow the Kievs to pull one back, but with Neel feeling the pace on his league debut, a switch in keeper saw Macleod unleashed out field to restore the two-goal advantage at 3-1 just before half time.

Sadly our usual slow start to the second half saw the Kievs quickly draw level, and from there on it was end to end stuff as the heat took its toll and defending became an afterthought. Johnson forced a Kiev defender into conceding a penalty, which Jason stroked calmly home, but a quickfire double saw Dynamo (no relation to the magician, they weren’t that good at all) take the lead for the first time. 5-4 to the Kievs at this point then, for the benefit of anyone, like the Firebrand team themselves, who are struggling to keep up.

Marcus and Jason then combined for the move of the match to bring us back level, but as the game entered its final phase, the Kievs ability to make substitutions proved to be the difference and they pulled ahead to 7-5. Crane completed his hat trick and surge up the top scorer table (that’s the only time you’ll see any movement by our great skipper described as a ‘surge’), but it was soon back to a two goal deficit at 8-6.

Macleod curled a free kick into the top corner to give us hope at 8-7, but in the end it was only some poor finishing from them and a couple of great stops from Neel that kept it that close, and the exhausted Firebrand lions slipped to a disheartening defeat and to the bottom of the table, with only damaged pride and an astro-turf burnt knee (again!) to show for our efforts. Luck was against us with injuries and availability, but some interesting results elsewhere in the league still give us hope for mid table respectability (though hold that thought for a couple of weeks as we play the unbeaten top of the table side next week).

Until next time football fans (Jez will be back in the chair next week)


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