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AC Firebrand v The Prince of Wales (Game 1) – Match Report Weds 26th June

So here we go again….Match Report No. 2 for AC Firebrand from THE Jeremy Warren.

(Editors note – If you don’t want to read the highlights, watch the video highlights….I should also point out these are the actual highlights for this game which I accidentally also stuck on the last video)

Where to start?

Well, it is with heavy heart that I write to you this evening, on the back of AC Firebrands first league match in the Waterloo 5 a side league.  Every player to a man knew what we would be up against, it’s a long journey, but one which we all firmly believe we can achieve in one piece, filled with hope in our hearts.

We, to a man will never walk alone! (Editors note – Jeremy supports Liverpool, I do not, I for one will let him walk alone…..) 

This evenings match pitted us against last seasons runaway league leaders, 7 year veterans of the league, never having finished below 2nd in any season.  The PRINCE OF WALES.  Their star man, Munce, the leagues all time top scorer with over 600 goals!!  This was the calibre of opponent this band of brothers faced yesterday evening.

Not to be daunted, we took to the pitch, looking resplendent in our sparkling AC Firebrand kit, looking each and every one of them in the eyes, letting them know this would be no walkover.  And no walkover it was, the first half was a tough battle, evenly fought, but more on that shortly.

We took to the field in a classic 1 – 1 – 2 – 1 formation, each player eager to beat their man.  The starting line up, therefore, consisted of:


The ever young Jason Crane and our Flying Dane, Frank “the Tank” were chomping at the bit on the sideline, limbering up, snarling in anticipation of getting into the action.

The first 5 minutes were much like a game of chess, two masters gauging each others ability, most of the play taking place in the middle of the pitch.  After a while though, Munce, from the Prince of Wales (Prince Charles watching from afar it is rumoured) shook off his marker and broke from midfield and passed it to his team mate who managed to rifle a shot into the far corner, the ball inches from the keepers grasp.  One nil.

The game continued to be a hard fought battle in the middle, little chance either side, until one of the defenders inadvertently stepped into the area, conceding a penalty.  The whistle blew, and the play stopped, Prince of Wales knowing this was their chance to put their stamp onto the match.

Up stepped Munce, scorer of over 600 goals in just 7 seasons, a record that Ian Rush would have been proud of.  Silence descended around the ground, players held their breath as Munce looked into the whites of the keepers eyes to put him off, take a step to the side and unleash what can only be described as a cannonball of a shot into the top left hand corner…  But then something happened, something Munce, or indeed anyone in the vicinity could scarcely believe.  Jez ready, feet planted, calmly moved a stance to his left, inviting the shot to his right (Munce’s left) then, as majestically as the American Symbol of hope, the bald Eagle, descending on his prey he took flight, eye’s boring into the ball, and flew through the air, right hand pushing the ball flying past the post into what can only be described as a career defining moment.  SAVED!  Munce, astonished, head in hands stood aghast, knowing he had finally met his match.

This rallied the Firebrand troops and on came the subs, Ever Young showing immediate calmness and brimming with confidence, controlled the back like a quarterback, a Tom Brady like figure, which instantly sent reverberations of passion throughout the team, Frank having a fine shot saved, Leon going close, Nick being denied by the other keeper, Oskar, full of tricks trying his best to break down that defence.  Ed, like the rabid terrier of earlier weeks letting Munce know the man was not for turning!

In all this possession, Prince of Wales managed to break again and despite yet more heroics from the keeper, it became 2 nil, and by half time, the score stood at 3-0.  This was their lowest half time league score in all 7 seasons they have graced the league. Would the opposition come to regret being able to beat the keeper as regularly as they would normally?

Alas, it was not to be, despite valiant efforts from all the team, the pace became too much, Prince of Wales endurance showing, the Firebrands tiring, letting them in regularly, shots raining in on goal.

The referee meanwhile, showing a keen eye, blew the final whistle and declared that, as part of his responsibility he has to decide on a Man of the Match for the league, which in turn will go into the history of the league and announced on the league website.  His decision?  The AC Firebrand goalkeeper, your very own scribe.  A victory!

Despite the 11-0 loss, we could walk away with our heads held high, knowing it could have been a whole lot closer, and a few weeks down the road, I am sure it will be.

Once the match sharpness kicks in, it is with little doubt that this reporter can predict that AC Firebrand will cause some destruction in this league.



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