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Synopsis – The Other Tenth – Episode 1

My housemate Adam has been writing a sitcom for the past year and he’s finally got round to publishing it to try and gauge some interest. If I were to sum Adam up in a sentence it would be as follows:

“Adam is both witty and intelligent, he’s one of the few people that can genuinely make me laugh and I have met fewer with a kinder heart than he.”

Of course I’m a terrible friend and have read nowhere near enough of his sitcom. If Adam has managed to instil even a drop of his personality into this sitcom, then this will be a work of art. Anyway without further rhetoric, below is the Synopsis for episode 1 of “The Other Tenth” Links to purchase the full episodes at the end. Also if you happen to be from Television industry, want to purchase the script and turn it into a multi million pound program, please feel free to get in touch.

The Other Tenth – Synopsis – Episode 1

Chris’ life is going nowhere. That’s not too bad though is it? I mean, at least it isn’t going anywhere bad. Besides, if you like where you are then life going nowhere actually might not be the worst thing. So Chris plods along, deliberately not upsetting the balance or setting out to achieve anything that might bring this delicate equilibrium crashing down.

So what if he has no job? He can scrape cash together doing shifts at his dad’s pub. So what if he lives at home? Said home is a pub, no worries there. So what if he hasn’t got a girlfriend? Girlfriends are more hassle than they are worth and besides, he still has all the mates he grew up with and they aren’t going anywhere.

Chris is about to learn that you can’t stand still forever, things change and life has a funny way of knocking the wind out of you when you least expect it.
His dad’s pub, the Black Horse is badly in debt and greedy developers are starting to eye up the land. Realising that their options are fast running out and owning no common sense between them, Chris and his friends embark on a crusade of petty criminality and ingenious but fatally flawed schemes to try and save the pub.

Chris then meets Michelle a super-model disguised as a part time bakery worker who just wants a bloke who won’t either mess her about or be consumed by jealousy. The only problem is that neither Chris, nor his closest friends, nor his family, nor the community can believe that a girl like Michelle would be interested in him. Can Chris overcome his own insecurities to make it work?


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