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The tyranny of Religion?

Like everyone who heard the news yesterday, I was shocked and appalled by the death of Lee Rigby, a British Soldier, murdered on the streets on London by British born Muslims.

So as always I felt the need to give my two cents on the matter….

I watched the video and couldn’t help but be angered and disgusted by the actions of two seriously misguided individuals. Trying to justify such a heinous act in the name of religion sickened me further.

My understanding of religion be it Christianity, Buddhism or any other religion is that it’s based on peace, understanding ant love. In no Bible, Qur’an or Torah does it preach the murder of others in the name of god.

Religion isn’t the problem, it’s never the problem, people are the problem. It’s what people do in the name religion that’s the issue. Richard the Lionheart committed atrocities during the crusades in the name of God, the current Sunni and Shia conflict in Iraq, millions of lives lost in the name of religion.

How do we as people become so deluded? Take something so pure and distort it to commit unspeakable acts.

Yesterday’s actions will no doubt lead to further acts of violence and hatred. The EDL have already used it as justification for the hatred and violence, and took to the streets past night to clash with police.

I just saw a Facebook status from what I thought was a rational person….”get out our country, terrorists”, the media makes this worse by misinforming the masses. More hatred and more violence.

That is the tyranny of religion……not religion itself….but the acts people commit in the name of religion.

People are idiots.


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