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Bowies in Space, what you doing out there man?

Chris Hadfield touched back down to Earth roughly a week ago following his stay on the International Space Station.

Over his lengthy mission, Chris Hadfield has developed into somewhat of an Internet sensation. Whilst on the Space Station, Commander Hadfield filmed a series of videos and took a series of snaps he later tweeted that bringing Space travel to masses and giving a view of Earth from a brand new perspective.

If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy the delights, I have attached his most popular shots and videos.

If you want to see more:
Chris Hadfield Twitter
Chris Hadfield YouTube
Canadian Space Agency YouTube

Sleeping in Space

Crying in Space

The Moon Rising20130520-203747.jpg

A Brand New Day20130520-203900.jpg

Florida by Night20130520-204030.jpg

Cloud Cover20130520-204139.jpg

Space Maintenance20130520-204244.jpg

Humber Estuary20130520-204345.jpg

Wow…..flipping wow! As amazing as these shots and videos are, nothing compares to Commander Hadfield’s rendition of Bowies Space Oddity. Hadfield has made history by recording the first music video in Space.

And so finally, to the title of this post, “Bowie’s in Space, what you doing out there man?” Couldn’t finish this without paying homage to the epic music video in Flight of the Conchords.


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