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My Top 10 Cars

I love cars, I’m all about power and pace. I’ll take that over looks and handling any day, perhaps that’s why I’m such a fan of American Muscle cars…

This post is all about expressing my love for all things fast, below is my top 10 cars taken from my Pinterest Top 50 selection.

10 – Bentley Continental GT

No. 10 on my list, the Bentley Continental GT is the perfect balance between luxury and sports performance. It’s a Rolls Royce on steroids, with a mind blowing 567bhp, it will launch to 60mph in 4.4 seconds and max out at a whopping 198mph. Now all I need is £175,000 in marked bills.

9 – Mercedes C63 AMG

At no. 9, my brother will be delighted that I selected the car he is currently driving, the C63 AMG. This car is a story of beauty and the beast, beauty on the surface with 457 bhp, 6.3 litre beast underneath. 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, the C63 AMG is electronically limited to 155mph…..gutless Germans.

8 – Toyota Celica GT

Many remember the Celica for the popular GT4 remembered best as a rally car. If you’ve ever played Sega Rally then you know this car. I for one prefer the classics. This has a sense of American muscle which is maybe why I like it.

7 – Nissan GTR

I know it’s not, but I’m calling this car a flipping Skyline dag nam it! This Japanese creation is all about the speed, rapid over the quarter mile it will hit 0-60 is roughly 3 seconds. Remember to move your vital organs back into place after hitting the accelerator pedal.

6 – Lamborghini Aventador

Latest in a long line of Italian Super cars, this edgy little number is packed full of brute force. Lamborghini’s are renowned for pace and handling thanks to their 4WD system. I best this car has it in bloody spades.

5- McLaren MP4-12C

The perfect follow on from the McLaren F1, this fruity little beauty has echoes of Ferrari styling. 616bhp and a cheeky top speed of 207mph. This car has been and shall remain on my Christmas list till the day I die.

4 – Bugatti Veyrn

Known the world over as the fastest production vehicle of all times, this masterpiece of vehicular wizardry will hit an eye exploding 407 km/h. The only depressing thing about this car is that Volkswagon were involved in its creation, it’s basically a speedy Polo.

3 – Mercedes SLS

Now I realise I talked about power over beauty, this is my one exception, the SLS is a thing of beauty. The gullwing doors remind me of Mask, I keep expecting this car to fly off into the distance.

2 – 69 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Ahhhh…. I freaking love this car, I told you I bloody love American Muscle Cars. Cheverolet have made their livelihood of power over performance. What I would give to own a beauty like this.

1 – 66 Ford Mustang Fastback

Told you I love American Muscle cars, the 66 Mustang Fastback is by far and a way my no. 1. The Mustang is on my bucket list, I aim to own this vehicle before my dying day, where I will drive it for the love of pure power and brute force across the Great Plains of America.

Hell, maybe ill buy a fixer upper and learn mechanic skills to go with my nunchuck skills. I can’t explain how I feel about this car, it’s the Great Love I know exists but can’t embrace.

I was lucky enough to drive a modern rendition of the Mustang in 2010, if anything that intensified my desire for this car.

Here’s a shot from my 2 day encounter.



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