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Star Trek into Darkness Review – No Spoilers

Today i will reveal to you the limits of my geekery as I unveil the Trekkie within.


Having just emerged, bleary eyed and dazed following the 10:30am showing of Star Trek into Darkness I thought now the perfect time to reflect on what is likely to be one of the Blockbuster hits of 2013.

If I only had one word to sum it up, that word would be: Wow

Thankfully I have plenty of words…

JJ Abrahms picks up where he left off in reviving the Star Trek franchise, in this latest instalment. I watched with pleasure the fledgling friendship between Spock and Kirk as they build life long bonds. Against the odds their friendship grows despite; for lack of a better analogy, being the very living embodiment of Ying and Yang. Cold Vulcan logic colliding with Human bravado and gut instinct resulting in often amusing an fractious interactions.


Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto recreate perfectly the on screen chemistry Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner elicited when bringing to life the inextricable bond that existed between Kirk and Spock. That deep understanding and respect for one another which goes well beyond the realms of Bromance. That bond which lead to unforgettable scene and line in the Wrath of Khan, “I have been – and shall always be – your friend”.

What I enjoy most of all about this film is the seamless crossover between Star Trek past and Star Trek present. The fledgling Star Trek viewer will very much enjoy this movie, whilst the true Trekkie will recognise recurrent themes and can gain a deeper appreciation of the subtle and more obvious nods to Star Trek events from films past, kudos to JJ.

The new film continues the somewhat darker edge apparent in the new series, the underlying theme revenge and retribution. Benedict Cumberbatch is sublime as he brings forth a nemesis the fans won’t soon forget. Such bitter hatred and rage, with an air of; dare I say it, Shelockesq arrogance in his supremacy above of all others.

The film also embodies a strong undercurrent of uncertainty, as we watch our beloved characters still finding their feet as inexperienced recruits. In Star Trek from years gone by the crew were experienced Veterans, tried and tested in battle and space exploration.

They were confident, capable and revered by the Federation, not so in the “new series”. Much like Christopher Nolan’s origins story for Batman Begins, Abrahams takes us through the past events that shape Kirk, Spock and the crew into the characters we know and love from the old series.

All in all an epic film…..boldly go an watch.


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