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Watch Dogs and GTA 5 – 2013 game wishlist

2013 has been an epic release year for my two biggest passions, movies and games.

Blockbuster movies such as the Man of Steel and Star Trek into Darkness coupled with release of next gen consoles PS4 and Xbox 720 and the imminent release of the Last of Us make me simply giddy with excitement.

Watch Dogs

Just as I thought things were calming down for the year I saw the new trailer for Watch Dogs. I am going to be broke for so long if I buy all these games, but look at it….this is going on my 2013 wishlist.

The graphics must be next gen, because if I can get this visual quality on my Xbox 360 then it’s unlikely I’ll be upgrading for a while.

It has a GTA style, but the added dimension of hacking local systems like railway and mobile phones really adds something extra special. Watch Dogs also has a more sinister and edgy feel.


This is on my original wishlist, but GTA just got bumped up a spot after watching some demo footage.

Again, is this next gen? The level of detail has definitely stepped up a notch and I’m glad they’ve finally included real brand vehicles instead of just making them look identical.

Well that’s £100 gone…..


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