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Schmoyoho’s epic YouTube hits

I stumbled across the most amazing YouTube channel the other day by the name of schmoyoho . Put simply, these guys take viral videos posted by often ridiculous individuals and ‘songify’ them by adding a back tune and synthesiser to alter the individuals voice to create epic hits including ‘Gingers have Souls’ and ‘Can’t hug every Cat’.

With views in the hundreds of millions you know these guys are going to be awesome. The tunes are surprisingly catchy and I’m now walking around sprouting lyrics from the tracks.

So here’s my top 5:

Oh my Dayum

Everyone loves a song about cheese burgers especially when they belt out power lyrics such as “Dayum, Dayum, Dayum’.

I finished this song wanting a Cheese Burger.

Winning – a song by Charlie Sheen

As if the embarrassment of Charlie Sheen’s drug fuelled chants weren’t embarrassing enough for him, this remix of his epic one liners such as ‘winning’, ‘I have tiger blood’ and
‘I only have one gear….go’ should push it a stage higher.

This video clocks in at a meagre 48,847,727 views.

Gingers have Souls

Typical Ginger, thinks he has a soul, poor thing. Doesn’t he know Gingers don’t have souls?

Can’t hug every Cat

I was on a dating website for a while…..I have dated girls like this…..bleak.

Bed Intruder

This bad boy tops the lot with 114,144,467 views. If you’ve seen the original interview of this ‘rude boy’ from the projects, just when you thought the amusement couldn’t go further.

And if these tracks weren’t awesome enough, schmoyoho have now released an app called songify so you can remix your own voice….epic winning.


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