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adidas – a tale in failed customer service

Tonight I will tell you a story of woe, failed customer service and above all poor quality craftsmanship.

The tale begins some six months ago on a holiday we will refer to for the sake of this story as Christmas. A time for the giving and receiving of joyous gifts. It was upon such a time that I received a pair of adidas Rayado trainers. At the time I deemed them harmless, pleasant on the eye and comfy on the feet. Little did I realise I’d just inherited a disease, a scourge on my patient and calm demeanour (patience and calmness are a matter for debate).

At first all seemed well, I liked the style, enjoyed the comfort and even took to wearing said adidas trainers up to 3 times a week. It was at the 8 week mark when matters took a turn for the worse, some may view it as sinister. Whilst walking, and I stress this, walking the side of the the left trainer simply gave way, “well hello foot out the side of the shoe, you shouldn’t be there!” but alas it was.


That’s natural, I hear you say, adidas trainers should definitely give way after 8 weeks. Especially after you put them through extreme stress tests like walking, climbing stairs and wearing them whilst sat at a desk for up to 8 hours at a time. Well call me old fashioned but I have a pair of Nike trainers, yup Nike bloody trainers, that I’ve had for 10 years, worn for football, running, walking and even climbing mountains, and guess what they’re still in one f***ing piece, and guess what, that’s what I expect, quality that lasts.

Now begins my spring of discontent. Here is how events subsequently unfolded.

27th February 2013

I email my complaint to adidas uk customer care with attached images of my damaged shoes. Venting my frustration at Facebook.


2nd March 2013

Email response from adidas customer care UK

“I’m afraid your complaint has come through to the wrong department, please email with your issue”

The email is from, cue first bout of extreme rage.

Next stage click the reply button and resend same complaint citing stupidity of said email.

13th March 2013

adidas Customer Care respond

“We are sorry to learn of the problems you have experienced
with your adidas Rayado Mid. We pride ourselves on the quality
of our products and always appreciate feedback from our consumers.

If you would like us to inspect the product for a manufacturing
fault, please send the item to the following address either by
Recorded or Special Delivery Next Day via Royal Mail or if
posting from Ireland by Registered Post”

Brilliant so that’s £8.50 out my pocket, I’m thrilled my trainers are rubbish and now I have to pay for the privilege of sending them to you to check for a fault, spiffing!

1st April 2013

Finally send shoes after procrastinating, considering whether its worth the £8.50 to get replacement trainers. I was asked to include cost, which I pointed out I don’t know and to point out the issue, take a guess, it’s the f***ing great hole in the side.

26th April 2013

A letter from customer care.


Finally they respond.

This letter enrages and annoys me for 6 key reasons.

1 – it starts ‘without prejudice’ I’d have taken that as a given, when I meet people I don’t open with ‘not racist’

2 – it starts with ‘thank you for returning your Adidas shoes’, maybe start with an apology, I paid £8.50 to ship them (no mention of a refund) and they fell apart after 8 weeks.

3 – they my shoes aren’t in stock, what does that mean? Will they ever be in stock? So basically no like for like replacement.

4 – I can chose any replacement of same value, in my original letter I made clear they were a gift and didn’t know the price paid. Guess ill just have to guess my budget.

5 – I have to make three choices….tough considering the only pair I ever liked were the ones my brother bought (which no longer exist) which means ill probably end up picking 3 pairs I don’t like.

6 – they ‘hope they have restored my faith in Adidas’ as if they are some sort of deity.

All in all, livid

29th April 2013

Find my Rayado’s straight away, so they do sodding exist, but guess what, they are a new design.

Check my broken shoes, the strip of material stitching is what gave way.

New design adidas Rayado have a leather strip, so my thought is they pulled the original design as its clearly faulty. Cheap as mother truckers….

Pretty much do a hulk rage out at this point.

Anyway, make my selection of shoes, I actually picked 3 gorgeous pairs and would be excited to receive any pair.

Anger subsiding. Add into the email I would like the shoes in a size 8 as my original pair were slightly to big. And enquire about the refund of my costs for sending the faulty shoes.

1st May 2013

I get an email

“Dear Mr Jones

We can confirm that an order has been placed for the following

G64606 – Size 9”

What’s that you say, size 9, SIZE 9, SIZE F***ING 9. And no mention of a refund for the £8.50 I spend for the privilege of sending the shoes.


Compose myself, piece my exploded head together, I’ll explain the situation. I’d like the shoes in size 8, and what about the refund (it’s the principle £8.50 is not a lot, but why should I pay for them to look at their faulty product),

They’ll understand right.

“Dear Mr Jones

Thank you for your recent email regarding your replacement product size.

Unfortunately, the order has already been placed and we are therefore, unable to change the size.

We thank you again for contacting adidas Customer Care.”

Ultimate rage…..

So it turns out in having size 9’s and the refund? No mention again, where’s my money….where’s my f***ing money man!

adidas…..I hate you.


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