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Arches National Park – Utah

Today I want to tell you about my venture to Arches National Park, a red rock haven in eastern Utah just north of Moab.

Arches National Park was originally a pit stop as part of my Coast to Coast road trip across America. It turned out to be a two day adventure that will stay with me till my dying day. The complex landscape of sandstone arches and rocky outcrops crafted some 300 million years ago is simply breathtaking. In the end it made my travel to the Grand Canyon a bit of an anti climax.

Hereafter are some shots from my two days spent in Arches with friends, if you ever have the opportunity to travel to America, put this destination on your itinerary.

Here is my first shot as we entered the park, my first thoughts were that of an alien landscape akin to the surface of Mars, a red scorched landscape void of life.


Of course you only have to spend a minute walking through the brush before you hear the tiny scurrying of lizards, chipmunks and the odd rattle snake.


Whilst the first few shots give the landscape a dark and foreboding feel, as the sun began to break out the surrounding rocky terrain just came alive, as if in response to our presence.


My first real wow moment was stumbling across this stack, with series of rocks precariously balanced, seemingly defying gravity.


If only we’d had more time, we couldn’t take 10 steps without stopping to take in the landscape. Ultimately there was not enough time to truly take in the beauty and tranquility that came with being miles from civilisation


As we travelled into the heart of the park, we were told we must make our way to Delicate Arch. A climb from Wolf Ranch, a series of stacks were to be our guide. I for one was not a huge fan of the first leg, the following shot doesn’t do justice to the incline of the rock face, nor the lack of grip it gave.

As we scrambled and climbed our way into the stratosphere it began to dawn on me how beautiful the landcape was, and that I may never again feel the growing sense of wonder of being in a place quite like arches. As we created a final rise and first layed eyes on the Delicate Arch I was simply blown away by the Sandstone basin spreading out before use.


As we edged our way round the rim of the basin we were finally greeted with the true beauty of Delicate Arch. Nature can create some wonderful landscapes when given the right circumstances.


This isn’t where the adventure ends, merely this is just our morning. As we made our way from place to place, we blindly begin to follow the rocks and pebbles, trusting they would lead us to more great views and encounters with Mother Nature at her best.


As the day began to draw in and the sun set, we began to see the shadows stretch out across the land, and the chill of nighttime in the desert begin to bite.


So as the sun set we enjoyed our last few moments in the sun, a bit of climbing.


Followed by some quiet reflection on an amazing day.


And as we made our way back to the car we were greeted by one more breath taking encounter, a cheeky mother deer grazing in the dying light. She seemed as surprised to see us, as we her.


What an awesome day. As I said earlier, make your way to Arches National Park and share the beauty I experienced.


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