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Iron Man 3 – 11am showing

I awoke this morning with a hunger, the sustenance I craved was not food, but rather a film. The first released in a long line of Blockbusters I plan to tick off in 2013, that film wasIron Man 3.

Now, being free and single, I wasn’t tied down by any plans, and so it was that I settled on an 11am screening (the first of the day) of the movie. A time I had deemed perfectly acceptable.

Now some people are daunted by flying solo in the cinema, I personally find it liberating, pick whatever movie you want, leave if its crap and when the film goes on, no one talks anyway. Now I think this might be the earliest I’ve hit the cinema, and i had my reservations. But as I sat down in the cinema I was overwhelmed by a joyous revelation. I’m the only person in the cinema, my own private screening, epic.

Trailers start, time to add another movie to the hit list. No. 7 on the list is After Earth, set in the future, a father (Will Smith) and Son (Jaden Smith) are stranded on Earth after their spaceship clashes. They must survive and await rescue on a planet where all the creatures have evolved to hunt humans…can’t wait.

Anyway, Iron Man 3! I really don’t want to give to much away, as I’m a big believer that you should go an see for yourself, so no spoilers here.

I really rated the film, and whilst my housemate and acclaimed movie journalist might disagree, I place it first amongst the trilogy. Tony Stark’s character is evolving, coming to terms with post Avengers fallout, there finally seems to be a crack in that effervescent veneer of self confidence. Downey Jr is on fire as always, and Sir Ben Kingslys Mandarin adds a whole new dimension to Iron Man nemeses.

The film is based on a hugely populat series of Iron Man comics, titled Extremis. And whilst there are strong sumilarities, its more of a nod to the comic than using it as a story board.


If you have 130 minutes, invest them
In Iron Man 3, though what I would say is that the renowned after scene at the end of the film disappointed me. They’re normally teasers….this was not.

Although the final credit.

“Tony Stark will return”

They didn’t say Iron Man…..maybe I’m reading into it, who knows.


4 comments on “Iron Man 3 – 11am showing

  1. Craig Gorham
    April 28, 2013

    Tony Stark will return. You spotted that too. Kudos

    • edgemcghee
      April 29, 2013

      Maybe i’m reading into it. I’m sure there is a hidden meaning though.

      • Craig Gorham
        April 29, 2013

        It just seems quite deliberate that it doesn’t say ” Iron Man will return”. Or maybe we just think too hard.

      • edgemcghee
        April 30, 2013

        It could just be an ode to the fact Iron Man and Tony Stark are now one? Like what happens in the Iron Man series Extremis.

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