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Just when I Thor-2 it was over

So I may have recently had a mini freak out about the sheer number of exciting films coming out this summer when Marvel Studios went and pushed me over the flipping edge. As if the Man of Steel, Star Trek: Into Darkness, the Wolverine, Elysium and Iron Man 3 weren’t enough, they’ve only gone and “blown the bloody doors off” by releasing the teaser trailer for Thor 2.

The final scene where Thor visits Loki, wow, I can’t wait. I also can’t help but watch this trailer and think Chris Hemsworth looks exactly like my brother when he had long hair (sorry ladies, he’s happily engaged).

Man, I will be spending a lot of time in cinemas this summer breathing in the recycled air and stuffing my face with Popcorn!

I’ll no doubt let you know how I got on with each film. On a random side note, I just saw a photo of Matt Smith and David Tennant together filming for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, literally having heart palpitations. I’m all wibbly wobbly timey wimey!

Jesus H Christ!

Ps. Realise this is an old shot from when the Doctor regenerates for any smart asses who happen to spot it.



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