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Thai Green Salmon Curry with Pitta Dippers


So it’s Monday night and I feel like spicing up my evening. Last night saw the return of my Desecrated Chicken Curry and I felt the need to turn up the heat again.

I searched the web for Thai Green Curry dishes, read a few recipes and decided I was better off doing it myself. So hear we go….

Thai Green Salmon Curry Ingredients – Serves 2
Thai Green Curry Paste – 5-6 tsp
Coconut Milk
Vegetable stock – 300ml
Salmon Fillets x2
Red Pepper x1
Green Beans – handful
Asparagus Spears x5
Mushrooms x4

Pitta Bread x2


Cooking Instructions

1. Thinly slice the Red Pepper, Mushrooms and halve the Asparagus Spears.

2. Skin the Salmon Fillets and cut into 1 inch chunks.


3. Pour a splash of oil into your saucepan and heat before spooning in the Thai Green Curry Paste, add extra dependant on your spice desire. Fry for 4 minutes to release the flavour.

4. Pour in the Coconut Milk then bring to a simmer before adding the Vegetable Stock. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes whilst stirring.


5. Add in the Red Pepper and cool for 3 minutes.

6. Add in the remaining Mushrooms, Asparagus Spears, Green Beans and Salmon. Simmer for a final 5-7 minutes till the Salmon begins to flake.


7. Toast the pitta before slicing into dippers.

8. Spoon generous helpings of the Thai Green Salmon Curry into a bowl.

Enjoy this warming curry and dip the Wholemeal Pitta for a spicey delight. I’d love to hear your take on my dish, if you ever decide to cook it.


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