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My love for Dr Who

I think it’s time for me to pass through the outer realms of slightly nerdy to all out geekery by exposing my love for Doctor Who.

I freaking love Dr Who, from the time Christopher Ecclestone revived the series in 2005, through David Tennant’s monumental reign to the present day when Matt Smith fills my Saturday evenings with time travelling, alien related delight.


An unexplained past…

There is something so captivating about the character of Dr Who. As a 900 year old time-lord, last of his kind, travelling through space and time, saving the masses from Daleks, Cybermen and the like, you can’t help but find him interesting.

Most intriguing about the Doctor is his often eluded to but unexplained role in bringing about the Last Great Time War, a war which brought about the mutual destruction of the Time Lord and the Dalek race. An event which haunts the Doctor and appears the driving force behind his one man crusade to save all those in need throughout time, as (I believe) he seeks retribution for his actions.

A lonely soul.

Another facet of his complex character is the Doctors desire not to be alone, travelling through time picking up (often female) companions to share in his adventures, he avoids his own company at all costs.

This has led to some of the most amusing and engaging on screen relationships. Rose Tyler, Amy & Rory Pond and present day companion Clara Oswin Oswald have all brought an added element of enjoyment as they spar mentally with the Doctor and build emotional, deep yet often short lived relationships.


There are two certainties in Dr Who, one is the eventual parting of ways between the Doctor and his companions, often tragic. The second is the regeneration of the Doctor.

When mortally wounded a Time Lord does not die, instead they regenerate, a process which brings about a change in appearance, personality and interests, of said Time Lord. A perfect transition for actors who have portrayed the Doctor to be switched and an opportunity in which to change the Doctors persona. A facet which I believe has kept the interest of the audience and ensured the ongoing success of the show for a generation.

Chosen method of transportation

You may wonder how a Time Lord travels through space and time, the answer, a blue Police Call box known as the Tardis, subsequently made iconic by the TV series. The outer shell is effectively a cover for the ‘space ship’, if you can call it that, which happens to bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, sporting a library, living quarters and even a swimming pool.

The ship is rumoured to be able to travel anywhere.


Cutting it short

Ok, so it’s now apparent that I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and could talk about the series and the characters all day.

I will no doubt talk about the series and characters again. But for now I suggest you go out and buy the first of the reinvigorated series….you can find it on Amazon for thirteen squids fifty. Get it in your life.



One comment on “My love for Dr Who

  1. Perry
    April 21, 2013

    But the new companion is no Pond!

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