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Five Blockbuster Films to see in 2013

Ok, so last night my geek levels went off the Richter scale, Warner Brothers unveiled the third Trailer for the upcoming Man of Steel movie, the sixth in a long line of Superman movies.

Source – Legendary

It….was….epic, whilst watching it for the fifth time today on Digital Spy, I stumbled over trailer after epic trailer for films being launched this summer. So here they are, the five blockbuster films I have to watch in 2013.

Star Trek into Darkeness

In 2009, J.J Abrhams effectively rebooted and reignited the Star Trek franchise with, well Star Trek. Following on from Jim Kirks first mission, his new enemy arises in the form of Sherlock lead Benedict Cumbernatch. Could this be a rivalry the likes of which haven’t been seen since…..KAAAAAAAAAAHN.

Man of Steel

I’ve been a lover of Superman films all my life, with the first film released on the day of my birth! I watched the series as a child and was mesmerised by Christopher Reeves portrayal of Superman and his transition to Clark Kent and back. I’m not sure their can ever be a better Superman that Christopher Reeves.

I was surprised when they rebooted Superman for the third time, I actually enjoyed the most first reboot with Brandon Routh. Watching this trailer, I can’t help but count the days till June like a kid counting down to Christmas.

World War Z

I love a good Zombie flick, 28 days letter is my kind of Zombie, aggressive and fast, run for your life type of scenario, no George A Romero snail pace zombie for me thank you very much.

And that’s why I love World War Z, this trailer is terrifying, I can’t wait to watch it. Brad Pitt looks set for another award winning performance.

The Wolverine

Next in a long line of X-Men movies, the Wolverine follows yet again my favourite mutant.

Wolverine is pretty much unstoppable, regenerative abilities, adamantiun skeleton, claws and a bad ass attitude. He’s the most interesting of the group with complex history which is never fully exposed. No one really knows how old he is or whether he can truly be killed. Wolverines first solo effort was pretty tame, let’s hope they step it up a notch.


Following on from District 9 (foooook, leave the god damn prawn alone) Elysium looks like its going to ‘blow the bloody doors off’. This looks set to Maaaat Damon’s first big film since Bourne Ultimatum, cos lets be fair everything he’s done since then just doesn’t compare.

120 years in the future the theme for Elysium centres round division in society, echoing the sentiment in District 9. Another must see, put it in the diary.


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