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2 Years on from a quarter life crisis – By Ashley Petrons (AKA Blade)

Author Bio: Ashley is a friend of mine from University,  follow her through her quarter life crisis and read all about Ashley’s insane challenge to do something for charity every day for 365 solid days at My Charity Case.

This is a slightly indulgent, yet reflective post. Written on the week of my birthday, contemplating how much things can change in 2 years.

I term the time around turning 25 my ‘quarter life crisis’ (that is of course assuming, as a good friend pointed out, that I will live to be 100).

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Aged nearly 25, I had spent the first portion of my career in a job that had one main negative:

I could not really see the value in what I was doing. I still fulfilled my duties and responsibilities, but I always questioned to what end.

Despite the continuous reports detailing the uncertainty of the economic climate and jobs market in 2010, I took the plunge and handed in my notice with no job to go on to. I know, nuts right?

Luckily my notice period was 3 months long, and in that time I was able to secure another job , which I took without hesitation, believing it to be my dream job.

Interestingly, my notice period (3 months) was about as long as I spent in said ‘dream job’. This was attributed in many ways to a commute that made me realise life is too short and if you’re doing a 2 hour door to door commute (each way) every day, you either have to absolutely love what you’re doing, or be paid handsomely to make you forget the fact that you no longer have a life. Neither of the above applied.

Enter quarter life crisis mode.

However, having already taken a leap of faith with leaving the last job, I was able to do it once more – taking an unpaid internship with a national charity. The internship was with the marketing and comms team, and it’s finally where things clicked into place that this was the industry for me. Although the charity was unable to keep on interns for full time posts back then, it definitely gave me the lift into the career I now absolutely love.

Two years down the line, I am still a firm believer that absolutely anything is possible, if you just give things a go. There’s no guarantee things will work out exactly right the first time, but as long as you keep trying, you will end up down some pretty interesting paths – definitely a lot more interesting than if you don’t try at all.

I also believe that fortune favours the brave, and occasionally the insane!


One comment on “2 Years on from a quarter life crisis – By Ashley Petrons (AKA Blade)

  1. edgemcghee
    April 17, 2013

    Really enjoyed reading this Ash, thanks for agreeing to feature on the Blog. This really resonates with me having spent the early part of my career in Recruitment, a soul destroying job that really got me down.

    I handed in my notice and decided I wanted to follow my dream of going on a Road Trip across America. I was then really lucky to pick up a consultancy role for 9 Months working for a charity which funded the trip.

    Returning home I took another interim role back at my first employer managing and launching a website, this sparked my passion but after 3 months the contract ended as they decided to sandbox the site. Queue panic and a change of direction. That’s when I found my current job, 1 year in paid advertising followed and now I’m in Content Management and Community engagement, and I flipping love it. A long road and a prolonged quarter life crisis, but finally in the career I want and loving every day, except Mondays.

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