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Blade’s Beef Packed Pitta Pockets – No Nonsense Cooking

So I sometimes like to make meals where I just freestyle with ingredients depending on what’s lying about, and that’s how I came up with Blade’s Beef packed pitta pockets. A variation of this has probably been done at some point, but I’m claiming this as a Blade original.

It has a Mexican feel, spicy sweet meat, stir fried vegetables, halloumi, cheddar and mayo then stuck in a pitta.

Check it out, it’s pretty simple to create, hope you like it. The mix of sweet spices meat, the mild veg and the salty halloumi is a magic mix in your mouth!

(Serves 2)
250g minced beef
Cajun Spice
Red Hot Chilli Powder
Sweet Chilli Sauce

1 pepper
1 medium onion
1 courgette
3-4 mushrooms
Knob of butter

4 brown pitta
50g grated cheese
50g halloumi cheese (thank go Cyprus didn’t collapse) – optional
Dollop of mayo (if you can’t handle the spice)



1. Before getting on with any of the cooking its all about chopping veg. Cut the courgette into thirds, halve length ways and then cut into long thin strips. With the remaining peppers, onion and mushrooms cut into thin strips.

2. Slice up the halloumi and grate the cheese all set for later, and I also find its easier to slice the pitta pockets and place in the toaster.

The cooking bit

3. This is the tricky part and its all about timing, I’ve always had a metronomic body clock and a sixth sense for when food is about to burn. If you’re not like Blade then you’ll need a timer with cooking time of roughly 8 minutes.

4. You need 2 pans side by side, start heating the vegetable pan and chuck in the knob of butter to begin heating. Once melted, chuck in the onions and start a 2 minute timer. After about a minute your gona want to start heating the meat pan with a light drizzle of oil.

5. When the 2 minute timer goes, throw in the onions and courgettes to the veg pan and launch the minced beef in the meat pan. Reset the timer to 2 minutes. Chuck in the spice with meat, spice hard and spice early.

6. Keep stir frying the veg and meat, when the next timer goes dump the mushrooms in the veg pan and pour the chilli sauce in the meat pan. Set the time for the final 4 minutes. Unless your Blade, Blade uses the mind clock and burn sixth sense.


8. Stir the veg and meat for the final
minutes, then when the timer goes pour the meat and veg into separate serving bowls.

9. Whack down the pitta in the toaster if you want it crispy and fry the halloumi if you’re that way inclined. I certainly am.


10. Pack the pittas like there is no tomorrow and then throw in the cheese and mayo.


Eat it!!


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