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Superman – Blade’s Superhero Directory

Blade loves Superheroes, mainly because Blade is a Superhero. As such I’ve decided to dedicate a section of the website to exactly that, welcome to the first instalment of Blade’s Superhero Directory.

The first hero in our directory is one of the most well renowned and favourite since childhood.

Name: Superman

Other Name(‘s): The Man of Steel, Kal-El


Superman is the last Son of Krypton, sent as a baby from the dying planet by his father Jor-El, he is the sole surviving member of the Kryptonian race. After crash landing on planet Earth, Superman is discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent. The loving couple chose to raise him as there own, they name him Clark. He is instilled with a sense of moral responsibility, he is caring, understanding and respectful. Traits he embodies when he finally assumes Superhero status, the Protector of Earth.

At the age of 18 Clark travels to the Fortress of Solitude, situated in a polar wasteland rumoured to be the North or South Pole. It is here; using crystals (think alien memory stick), that Clark ‘s true Father Jor-El teaches him about his heritage, purpose and powers. He emerges years later as Superman, the Man of Steel, protector of Earth and its Inhabitants.

In his adult life, Superman splits his life between affable secret Identity Clark Kent working at the Daily Planet as a reporter. When not chasing the latest scoop, he’s out saving the world. That’s how I like to think I split my day! Anyway, his love interest is Lois Lane, fellow reporter at the Daily Planet. Superman consistently struggles with feelings for Lois, wanting to reveal himself to her as Clark, knowing she loves him as Superman. Sounds like a great episode for Jerry Springer.



Superman’s powers are granted by the Yellow Sun of Earth and are as follows:

Flight – Superman has the power of flight, able to defy the laws of gravity and hurtle round the globe.

X-Ray Vision – he is able to see through any object other than lead, handy if your a bit of a peeping tom.

Speed – the ability to propel himself faster than the speed of light, labelled by others as ‘faster than a speeding bullet’. Always great if you think you might miss the bus.

Hearing – Able to hear over great distances, Superman can fly into orbit and listen for danger.

Laser Eyes – Superman can heat and cut through objects with his red laser eyes bringing the concept of a death stare to a whole new level.

Invulnerable – as my understanding goes there is nothing that can destroy him.


Oddly Superman is vulnerable to rocks from his home world Krypton which have travelled to Earth as meteorites:

Green Kryptonite – Nullifies his powers and causes him great pain.

Red Kryptonite – this has a variety of effects, a change in personality, blindness, intense pain. A bit like alcohol some might say.


Superman has had many enemies in his time, which he has both faced and vanquished, without killing, that’s not how he roles. Here’s a selection:

Lex Luthor – Super genius and arch-villain, Luthor is obsessed with destroying Superman.

General Zod – an evil General from Superman’s native Krypton, banished to the ‘phantom zone’ by his father Jor-El for Zod’s crimes. General Zod escapes and seeks revenge on Kal-El.

Doctor Doom – a mindless killing machine with one purpose to destroy Superman and the World. One of Superman’s closest matches.

For more on Superman why not visit the Superman Wiki or all things Superman Site

On a side note can’t wait for the latest instalment of Superman films!!


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