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Seven Songs for Snowboarding

If your snowboarding style is aggressive, reckless and revolves around speed then you will love these next seven snowboarding tracks. I curated this list over my four snowboarding holidays and chose them as the match my aforementioned style.


I hope you enjoy them.

Lost Prophets – Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja

This is an awesome track to board to and will always have a place my playlist. Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja will forever be intertwined with snowboarding in my mind, as it was the first track I boarded to. Putting it on just gets me pumped up and ready to attack the mountain.

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

This song only made it on to my 2013 playlist, and is an awesome accompaniment to bright sunshine, open slopes and shredding.

Soil – Halo

I was first introduced to Soil along time ago, old school metal and perfect for if you want to rage out. If you’re going for all out aggressive boarding and pushing your skills to the limit, this is the song for you. I’ve had some of the biggest spills to this song, but also some of the most invigorating and exciting runs.

System of a Down – Chop Suey

A classic, I bloody love this song, not just for the slopes but for casual listening. I normally have this song on for the last run of the day as I glide back on the home straight.

The Used – Pretty Handsome Akward

Another all out attack song for me, I first listened to this track whilst watching Transformers and my first instinct was, this is a song to board to. And it is, this is my racing song, if I’m chasing down my mates this is a perfect track.

Muse – Plug in Baby

This song is a slow builder for me, I have to be careful when listening to this track, it urges is me to be reckless and often leaves me in a pile covered in snow.

Linkin Park – Faint

Another track built for speed and aggression, I play this song when I’m heading down black runs hoping for the best.

So there you have it, my seven songs for snowboarding. If you’re looking for more why not check out SnowDiggity. They have a great selection of tunes for snowboarding.


One comment on “Seven Songs for Snowboarding

  1. philip469
    April 14, 2013

    I like your taste in music , this deserves a tweet.

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