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So today I had to give a presentation and putting it mildly I had a mini freak out. The last time I gave a presentation I was 17, for clarification it did not go well. Think Chernobyl….but worse. Think extinction of the dinosaurs.


But hell, 10 years had passed so I’m totally over it, yeah? Nope, the concept of giving a presentation, the act of standing up in front of a group of people terrified me. If anything the passage of time had only served to compound the terror I now felt. Then one of my colleagues exacerbated matters, he turns to me and says, “must be pretty daunting having to present to a group of people who give presentations for a living”….shit….just….got….real!!

Crank my concern up to 11, did I perhaps forget to mention the part where this presentation drops in my lap after my boss breaks his leg in a skiing accident. Personally I think my boss got off lightly.

I create my presentation, think its awesome, then I have the sudden realisation I’m presenting to a group of IT training instructors who are world renowned and I realise I have not thought through my audience. They are going to hate this….it’s a series of images…light on the content with over the top headlines and some stats.

Presentation comes round and I start to get nervous, man I am going to crash and burn, it’s all going to happen again. Hindenburg…..


Then before I know it, it’s time, my co-presenter has tried to put me at ease, let me make this clear, supporting words do not help. And as he’s wrapping up his presentation my nervousness steps up a gear and my legs feel weak….I’m being introduced.

And it happens…..time slows down, I feel calm, and just let go and the words come….

I can’t really tell you what happened next, instinct must have taken over. I remember hand gestures, confidence and maybe even a swagger. The words are a blur but it ends in a round of applause and the buy in I was looking for from our instructors….nailed it.


The whole moment is summed up perfectly by a song I like, it’s called ‘all kinds of time’ by the Fountains of Wayne. Listen to it, this is what happens in that moment, same feeling without some of the over sentimental guff.

Anyway, moral of the story, believe in and challenge yourself more, you might just surprise yourself.


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