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Three YouTube triumphs….

If you haven’t read my last post on YouTube then let me bring you up to speed, I like YouTube…..a lot. You are now officially up to speed, so check out my last 4 finds that i’m pretty much loving right now.

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Radioactive (Imagine Dragons cover) | Katt Wade

I first found Katt a few months ago, her voice is like…..well it’s like music in my ears, really bloody good (i’m British so that’s my swearing) music. Katt has taken a song I love, a song I free fall down mountains to, and added shall we say a woman’s touch and made it something extra special.

Street Fighter 2 – Guile Theme Acapella| Smooth McGroove

Smooth McGroove is my new love, he takes theme songs from classic computer games such as Mario, Zelda and Street Fighter and turns them into Acapella works of art. I can’t begin to tell you how nostalgic I get when listening to Guile’s theme from Street Fighter to, lets just say it makes me feel : Down, Up, High Kick or maybe Back, Forward, High Punch . For you gamers out there, you know what i’m talking about!

After Ever After – DISNEY Parody| Paint

This guy from Paint is a freaking legend, similar to Smooth McGroove, he takes the Disney classics and turns them into acapella magic. The painstaking time and effort that must go into making this video is unfathomable to my music talent free mind, unless it’s Lionel Richie hello…..then my music genius comes flipping flying right at you.

Jack Hoffman with a 69 yard touchdown in the 2013 Nebraska Spring Game

Man this is just a feel good video, this kid Jack Hoffman will never forget a moment like this, I love it when people do great things for people. I’m glad little Jack beat brain cancer and gets to storm 69 yards with his heroes and score a touch down. Magic.

So there you have it….more YouTube Gold.


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