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Looking for opinionated, self righteous, loud mouths

So I’ve been doing this blogging shizzle (shizzle is a most appropriate word for what I do) for coming up three weeks now and it’s pretty tough stuff.

I planned to write once a day and while my creativity is fresh and I like to think my writing style improving I am constrained by what I’d like to call life. Life is a funny thing, it just gets in the way, you can plan for it, but really it’s just something that just happens to you. It’s chaos….life can be going terribly and the most amazing person walks into your life. Life can be going awesome and you get caught in gang crossfire and paralysed. It’s a game of numbers, sooner or later crazy shit just happens.

Anyway…..the point to this post was that I’m looking for writers, opinionated loud mouthed writers like myself who would like to just write for fun. Pay is absolutely zero, your readership at this stage as far as you can spread it. But I find something enjoyable about writing, it’s cathartic, it allows me to express my free flowing creativity and often skewed and amusing opinion on the world. And I love it when people tell me they enjoy what I’ve written. So I guess this is what in offering, a small podium to talk from, and if no one else listens, I will.

So if you’re interested drop message me on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or simply just comment on this post.

Peace out, I’m off to eat Chinese (the food not the people).


One comment on “Looking for opinionated, self righteous, loud mouths

  1. ashpetrons
    April 11, 2013

    Count me in!

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