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Why professional football is a wasteland for rolemodels

I can’t watch a game of professional football without at some point feeling a sense of disappointment and often disgust. The flow of play, speed and skill elicited by the players is outstanding. The excitement as the ball hits the back of the net intoxicating.

Then it all changes…

A player takes a superman dive, the offending culprit, a blade of grass. Someone goes down rolling around in pain holding their face, you prepare for the worst….broken leg, a mortal wound?? Nope, you see the replay and a gust of wind from the oppositions arm has dislodged a stray strand of hair. Or there is simply a questionable decision and the referee is surrounded by players calling him every name under the sun. I am left disgusted and angry, wondering why I watch the game, then another moment of sublime skill and I forget for a time.

Here’s a video to remind me…

Racism, sexism, homophobia, football has it all

Now I’m not suggesting that any society, sport or individual is perfect, but when it comes to footballers they seem to elicit the worst in humanity. Those who could inspire so many chose to shame themseleves.

John Terry, England and Chelsea Captain, one of the most well known and respected footballers. Yet look at his track recored, racial abuse of Anton Ferdinand, next up, infidelity, cheating on his wife whilst betraying his best mate Wayne Bridge. Classy.


Other famous names on the infidelity list, Wayne Rooney, cheats on his wife whose pregnant with his first child. Ryan Giggs, cheats on his wife with his brothers wife, super classy, bonus points for Ryan on utterly failing as a role model 20 years into a perfect career.

Robbie Fowler, renowned for waving his behind at Graeme LeSaux, taunting him about the rumours of LeSaux’s sexual orientation. Marvellous way to promote acceptance and understanding in society.

It’s no surprise that in the Premier League there is not one openly gay footballer, the last to talk to come out was Justin Fashnu, who killed himself after relentless taunts from fellow professionals, fans and the media, sickening.

Do you know what, I think I’ve made my point, the professional football is a wasteland for rolemodels. Perhaps we place them on too high a pedestal, perhaps under so much pressure they crack sooner or later. Or perhaps earning salaries of ¬£100,000+ a week has forced them to lose touch with reality.

All I know is that if in looking for a rolemodel, I’ll look elsewhere.


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