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A bond deeper than love…

There’s a woman in my life with which I share a connection, a connection deeper than friendship, a connection more powerful than love, and that connection……The Emperor’s New Groove.


This girl knows who she is, people that know me know who she is, for some of you however she may forever remain a mystery. I met her long ago after she wondered into Starbucks whilst I was working there, she kept coming back, so naturally I assumed she was into me. After a while she gave me her number, by which I mean she handed in her CV for a job working in Starbucks and I took down her number……creepy right. Anyway this is a fact she joyously reminded me of at thanksgiving dinner in front of her whole family. You know that moment where everyone round a table stops talking, eating and simultaneously looks at you with accusation in their eyes….just me then, anyway it’s uncomfortable.


Back to the story, at some point there may have been a chance of romance, a distant spark of love, instead we found something much greater, more pure, everlasting, an indescribable bond over a Disney Movie that has since formed the basis of our friendship for the last 10 years.

The Emperors New Groove is undoubtedly the funniest movie ever created, the story centres around Emperor Kusco, a spoiled, self centered character who is subsequently turned into a Llama after a failed attempt at poisoning by the Emperors evil and plotting Aid, Yzma and her dim-witted yet affable sidekick Kronk. Kronk… amazing.

Kuzco must befriend the lovable Pacha, a simple Llama herder whose village he plans to destroy and replace with his Summer Pool House. The odd couple soon form an uneasy friendship….there are morals, laughter, waterfalls, it’s amazing, you’ll love it….watch it.

This young lady and I will forever cherish and share this bond, quoting often from the film, I am the Kronk to her Yzma. I love her more than Space Jam.

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