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Blades Recommended Reads – The Sword of Truth

Welcome to the fourth instalment of Blades recommended reads, this week I bring you another epic fantasy series, The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind. As it stands there are currently 11 books in the series, a prequel ‘Debt of Bones’ and now a follow on series with starting with ‘the Omen Machine’.

The Sword of Truth

The series centres around 3 main characters, Richard Cypher, Kahlan Amnel and Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander.

It’s always the quiet ones

In the Wizards First Rule (book one), we find our central character Richard Cypher as an unassuming youth, tall in stature and good mannered. Richard is a Wood’s Guide well versed in tracking, foraging and general survival. He lives a simple life  in the ‘New World’ a land protected from the Midlands and D’Hara by a magical barrier. Our unsuspecting hero is soon placed upon a path in which his life will forever change.

Richard’s father George (who adopted Richard), is murdered and soon after Richard meets Khalan Amnel; the Confesser. Khalan has the power to make any individual her obedient subject, a power of adminsitered through touch. Richard discovers that Khalan is seeking his a Wizard and his friend Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander and agrees to accompany her.

Without giving to much away Richard soon finds himself appointed the Seeker and wielder of the Sword of Truth, a sword that amplifies rage and has the power to cut through any object considered an enemy. Richard, Khalan and Zedicus set out to prevent the spread of the D’Haran province lead by Darken Rahl (typical bad guy name), as he sets to claim an Ancient Magic and rule all the lands. Richard soon begins to uncover elements of his past he’d rather not know and develops into a vicious yet noble warrior.

The series is an easy read and I very quickly found myself moving from book to book and enjoying relationships between the characters develop, as well as the characters themselves.

Where Game of Thrones went right, the Sword of Truth went wrong.

Before the popular series of books; Game of Thrones, was converted into the hit TV Series , the Sword of Truth gave it a shot. I was hugely excited when Legend of the Seeker was announced and with renowned director Sam Raimi at the helm I expected great things. Check out the trailer…

Looks exciting…’s shit….think Xena or Hercules but worse…..don’t watch it, you’re better off punching yourself in the face repeatedly for 45 minutes at a time.




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