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Blade’s recommended reads – American Gods

In part three of my recommended reads I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of the weirdest yet most enjoyable books I’ve read in recent years, American Gods.

Written by Neil Gaiman, if you don’t know him, he’s the man behind Stardust, Beowulf and a lesser known TV series Never where which big A P informs me is “the worst TV show he’s ever seen”, and we’ve been subjected to Hollyoaks (although the characters are more likeable than the vacuous Made in Chelsea cohort). Anyway….the book, the book!


American Gods comes in a variety of renditions of which I read the ‘Headline Review Edition’, I can’t comment about the others but this ones a cracker. The story in essence centres around Old Gods and New Gods and the growing conflict between them. The Old Gods are those familiar to us including Norse Gods, Odin and Loki and Egyptian Gods Anubis and Thoth. The New Gods are modern day incarnations worshipped by many such as the Internet, TV and Mr Town (told you its bizarre).

He casts a long Shadow…

The main protagonist in the story is Shadow (not the Gladiators) a tall, gentle, yet imposing character. Recently released from prison Shadow, for reasons I shan’t mention (I hate spoilers), comes face to face with Wednesday a mysterious individual who coaxes Shadow into his employ. We follow Shadow on his journey meeting Gods both Old and New as he is unwittingly dragged into the centre of this emerging conflict.

The story twists and turns packed with surprises and often abrupt, violent or downright mad occurrences. There’s Zombies, sex with a cat and a man enveloped by a woman’s vagina, there really aren’t words to describe this story, you just have to read and enjoy. But the book is guaranteed to keep you guessing, from the true nature of characters central in the story to what weird shit is going to happen next.

Sequels and TV series….

You need this book in your life…. If you don’t want to read it, HBO is currently putting American Gods into production and with Tom Hanks at the helm and Benedict Cumberbatch and James McAvoy rumoured amongst the cast it looks set to be a cracker. There is also whispers of a sequel said by Gaiman to focus more on the New Gods.

And now as I leave you I can’t do so without a photo of Shadow (from Gladiators)



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