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Blade’s recommended reads – The Kingkiller Chronicles

In part one I introduced you to ‘the Wheel of Time‘, a series of 14 books which if they catch attention, could hold it for the foreseeable future. Part two brings us to a work in progress with rising star Patrick Rothfuss.

To kill a king….

Rothfuss is currently in the process of writing the final installment of a trilogy aptly named the Kingkiller Chronicles. The trilogy centres around red headed character Kvothe, a world renowned hero who has stepped into the shadows and set up shop as a Pub Landlord. The story is written in a unique style as Kvothe recounts the memoirs of his life to Devan Lochees; a ‘Chronicler’ unwittingly rescued by Kvothe, after he recognises the fiery red head.


The first book in the series, The Name of the Wind, focuses on Kvothes early years. The opening chapter introduces us to Kvothe, the owner of silence who is waiting to die, the tone is sombre and there lies an air mystery as to why our protagonist is awaiting death.


As we are introduced to Kvothes childhood we are quickly exposed to the bloody and brutal murder of his family by the Chandrian, seven beings universally renowned as a force of great evil. The Chandrian are the antagonist in the story and their actions are the main driving force behind Kvothes character development. They are lead by Haliax, once the hero of lanre he is shrouded in shadow and rumoured to be un-killable.


As the book progresses we follow Kvothe through his brutal upbringing on the mean streets of a crime riddled city and his pursuit to join a dangerous and difficult school of magic known as the ‘University’. All the while seeking answers on the Chandrian, Kvothe forms friendships and unwittingly stumbles from adventure to adventure whilst learning the art of naming and seeking the knowledge of magic.

I dare not give to much away as both books are up there amongst the greatest of fantasy novels, the second installment a Wise Man’s fear builds on the success of the first book and will leave you eagerly awaiting the as yet undisclosed release date of the Doors of Stone, the third and final in the Kingkiller Chronicles. A recently ticked off Rothfuss said he would release the book in 2025, I for one wish not to wait until the ripe old age of 40 before enjoying the climax to Kvothes story.


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