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Blade’s recommended reads – The Wheel of Time

There’s nothing better than losing yourself in a good book, I myself am constantly on look out for a new read. And that is the essence of this series of posts, good books, books that I’ve enjoyed and wish to share with you. Most of the books I will reference are fantasy as a reflection of my main interest.

A spark…

My passion for reading came late, it wasn’t till the age of 16 that I first developed an interest. Up until that point video games and sport were my main pass time, but now they had a new competitor…my passion was first sparked by the Harry Potter novels. After mocking my friend for reading a novel about young wizards, I borrowed the first instalment having agreed to give it a try so as ‘not to knock it before I’ve tried it’. “Two chapters is all it will take, hooked you will be” (PS. my friend is not Yoda), and I was 7 books and 8 films later I’m so glad I gave it a chance. Were it not for that first book, I would never have had my eyes open to a world of literature. My thanks will forever be with JK Rowling and one KD for making me eat my words.

And so here I find myself 11 years on with some 50 books on my windowsill and a head packed full of epic tales. Here and now I will
share them with you.

The wheel turns….

Where better to start than with my absolute favourite series, the Wheel of Time. This book is a bit of as family tradition having been read by every member of my family with the exception of one. There are 14 books in the series and they form the amalgamation of ten years reading pleasure for me.


The Wheel of Time was created by Robert Jordan who wrote 11 of the books before tragically succumbing to a rare form of cancer. Thankfully he left a plethora of notes and manuscripts allowing Brandon Sanderson to step in and finish the story.

In as brief a synopsis as I can give, the story centres around 3 boys Rand, Matt and Perrin. Simple country boys, they are torn from their comfortable lives and thrown into adventure, war and the one power (magic) after it transpires one of the three is Lews Therin Thelamon ‘the Dragon Reborn’. A man prophesied to return and save the world from the Dark One who is escaping his prison at Shayol Ghul. This series of books can only be described as truly epic, and from the very first you will be gripped as you watch the three characters transform into heroes as events shape them.

Mat Cauthon is my favourite character, a gambler, womaniser and a fierce warrior; Mat wants to be anything but a hero. Unfortunately that’s exactly what he is. Constantly chastised by other characters there is a scene in Book 7 that bought me to tears. Against unbeatable odds Mat faces down a deadly beast and in this defining moment the other characters finally see him for who he is.

Book One is called the Eye of the World, I suggest you start your journey now, its a long one.


In part two we will move on to ‘the King Killer Chronicles’….


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