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Arguably the best movie of all time. (in my opinion)

Everyone has a favourite movie, that one film they can watch over and over. And no matter how many times they watch it, it retains its enjoyment.

For me that film is the Princess Bride, it’s the perfect balance between action, comedy and romance (yes that’s right, romance)! It has epic sword fights, revenge, a giant, treachery and true love.

The Princess Bride - Movie

After a mushy lovie dovie start the film picks up speed and you find yourself glued to the plot as it begins to unfold. I’m actually not going to give to much away as I’d rather you watched it for yourself. The Princess Bride has brought me so much joy and I’d love to share it with you. The film taught me my favourite quote of all time,

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die

I love it much I have a fridge magnet sporting those exact words, here’s the photo to prove it.

Inigo Montoya

I will soon also be the proud owner of a Inigo Montoya T-Shirt bearing the same unforgettable introduction.

My favourite character in the film is source of this fantastic quote, his name as mentioned is Inigo Montoya.

As a child Inigo’s father is brutally murdered by a six fingered man. After challenging the murderer to a dual at the tender age of ten and subsequently loses, Inigo vows to dedicate his life to swordplay. So that when he faces the six fingered man again, he will defeat him, avenging his beloved father.

Early on in the film there is an amazing sword fight between Inigo and the another main character ‘the Dread Pirate Roberts’. The dual, I believe to this day, remains the longest on-screen sword fight. I managed to find a clip of it on YouTube, check it out…

Anyway, I do not wish to give to much away, this film was meant to be shared. It’s light hearted, enjoyable and can be watched by both young an old.

Of course make your own opinions, after all you may hate it. I for one love it, and if you do chose to watch it, ‘have fun storming the castle’.


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