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Sunday Roasts are awesome.

I love a good Sunday Roast, in fact I’m cooking one as I write this. It’s a habit I picked up thanks to my mum. When I was young she used to cook the most amazing Roast Dinners (she still does) every Sunday. The family would get together round the table and stuff ourselves stupid with crackling, Yorkshire puddings or just a good old bit of scrappy chicken skin.

Now I’m all growed up a Sunday without a Roast in Winter is a Sunday wasted. Here’s last weeks attempt.


For me it doesn’t matter whether its Lamb, Chicken, Pork or Beef, I love them all equally! What counts is the taste of the meat and more recently I’ve grown accustomed to buying a better quality joints.

If you love Lamb, get down to Marks and Sparks today and buy their slow roast shoulder joint with a salt and pepper rub. For £6.50 you can get a decent sized joint for 2, it takes 3 hours to cook (at 160 degrees or 140 degrees fan assisted) and is my own little slice of heaven.

If you confused, this is what it looks like.


Probably the most important point it getting the roasties right, King Edwards are my fave and they’re a sinch to cook.

Peel, 15 minutes in the pan. A glug of oil in the pan and make sure you chuck them in the roasting tin with 45-50 to go, turning once half way through. If you nail it they look like so (que shameless chef-ing skills show off)


So what the heck are you all waiting for, get out there, by some meat and get cooking.


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