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Why you need to travel – the American Dream

Today the world is more accessible than it has ever been. Planes, trains and automobiles give us access to the far reaches of the globe with relative ease.

And for most of us, the capacity to go on adventures seldom dreamt of, only decades ago, is available with some crude saving and hard work.

I am of the opinion that everyone should travel.

I have never felt more free and alive then when I travelled the length and breadth of America back in 2010. The experiences I have had and the memories I’ve had will stay with me for a life time.

Take this shot from Death Valley for example:


That image is burned into my mind, rolling sand dunes as far as the eye can see, surrounded by the red rock of California. The landscape was baron, the air was dry and the sun was scorching.

My adventure was one unique circumstance, in 2009 whilst skiing a conversation of travel arose with my close friends Tom and Geoff. We shared a dream of travelling America and vowed to make our dreams a reality. That very day ‘Team Awesome’ was born, we were serious, we even set up a Facebook group (which still exists). However life got in the way, the dream lay discarded, and the Facebook group forgotten.


However a year later by hap stance the group was rediscovered, the constellations aligned and Team Awesome was reforged. I’d quit my job in recruitment, fed up of a soulless career, Tom had a job he could put down and pick and Geoff was ready to move on. Plans were formed and just 6 months later I was meeting Team Awesome at JFK in New York ready for our travels across America.
We hired a car, named it Wendy and set off on a 7000 mile trek from New York to LA.


On our journey there was snow, sunshine, waterfalls, stunning scenery and a variety of amazing characters. Geoff even met his bride!

In short, those 7 weeks with Team Awesome broadened my horizons and gave me a sense of freedom I might never experience again.

If you have the chance, travel. I will write more on my travels but for now ill share with you a few picturesque shots taken on my travels.





3 comments on “Why you need to travel – the American Dream

  1. simplycontemplating
    March 23, 2013

    Love your shots.

    • edgemcghee
      March 23, 2013

      Thanks….gona add more, just getting started. The 30 second exposure at midnight in the Grand Canyon is quite something.

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