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Why I hate my I Phone 5…

I hate my iPhone 5!

Had you offered it to me a decade a go when I was sporting a Nokia 3310; complete with snake and a text message capacity of 10, I’d have torn your arm off.

8 mega pixel camera, 10,000,000 apps at my fingertips, voice recognition,4g, MP3 player and a 32gb memory. I’d think alien technology (I was a dumb 16 year old), it simply wasn’t conceivable back then that a phone could be so functional and versatile.

Today however I’m struck with the disappointing realisation that it’s really no different from the 4S.

Sure the processor is faster, and yes the screen has a higher resolution, they’ve even changed the USB input fucking everyone off in the process. BUT, they haven’t gone far enough, there aren’t enough upgrades to make it worthwhile.

For example it doesn’t fire a lazer and it certainly doesn’t offer significant advancement on the previous model.

When the iPhone first hit the scene there was nothing like it in the market place. Apple were so far ahead, that there just wasn’t a competitor, the only parody I can bring to mind is Usain Bolt, the fatest man alive. When he broke onto the scene 5 years ago he was visibly faster than everyone else, unbeatable.

But in the modern day cracks are beginning to appear, Yohan Blake (the Samsung Galaxy S3) and Tyson Gay ( the Windows 8 Phone) are challenging for the top spot. Sure much like Bolt, on its day the iPhone still comes out on top. But the gap has closed significantly.

I guess the biggest problem for me is the gap between progression in models is closing.

We took a phone, since then we’ve jam packed it with a camera, mp3 and Internet. It’s got a million functions we’ll never use and probably never need. Processing speeds and screen resolutions are now so high that the human brain can no longer appreciate the finer detail or the increased load time.

Put simply I think we’ve come to the end of the line.

What do you think?


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