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Bodeans – Clapham

Last Friday was my friend Ash’s Birthday, I was ecstatic….not because it was her birthday, the only one that counts is my own.

No, I was excited for a much more important reason. Birthdays in my house mean one thing, Bodeans. I freaking love Bodeans, a BBQ fest with good old over the top USA bravado. Put it this way, the wall lamps are antlers, NFL on the big screen and nothing but Meat on the menu. It’s my own little slice of restaurant heaven….i don’t do fine dining, I don’t appreciate presentation and let me make this clear, I DON’T DO SMALL PORTIONS. Hopefully using the combination of bold, italic and underline functionality will reinforce the point.

Now I’m a lot like Joey, I don’t share food, UNLESS its Bodeans. When you go, you’re gona need a partner, a wingman so to speak. For this occasion my wingman was Big AP, think Paddy McGuiness on steroids, a 6ft tall colossus from Manc capable of devouring a meal in 5 minutes flat. Now I’m 5ft 3, but for some reason we meet in the middle, 50:50 partners when it comes to the Boss Hogg Platter.

And here’s why, that veritable feast is:
– 2 Sausages
– A rack of Spare Ribs
– A rack of Baby Back Ribs
– 2 Spicy Chicken Portions
– A Beef Brisket
– Pulled Pork
– A bowl of Fries
– Last but not least Coleslaw

These guys don’t mess around and at £30 all in I’d call it a bargain. £15 each.

Now I was nervous about stepping up to the plate (baseball pun for the USA/sports illiterate amongst you), especially sat next to Big AP. I didn’t want to let my wingman down and I sure as hell didn’t want him eating my share. Luckily after I got the sausage out the way (behave you 50 shades of grey perves) it was plain sailing, 10 minutes of BBQ fuelled mayhem and enjoyment and it was over, quick as a flash.

With the plate empty I was filled with a sense of disappointment. Not because the food wasn’t delicious, but because I was still hungry. I scouted the table and not a scrap of food left in sight. I let out a deep sigh and set about scouting the desert menu, thankfully the chocolate and honeycombed ice cream hit the spot.

Oh yeah and Ash, had a happy birthday with cake, bad singing and 8 free shots! Winning.


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