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The Red Dog Saloon

I was recently surfing the web when I stumbled across something majestic, mouth watering aAnd all together devastating. It’s referred to as the Devastator Burger, an 8 inch high calossus stacked with 3 burgers, cheese, bacon and topped off with pulled pork. All in all this supreme snack amounts to 3000 calories of meaty goodness and I for one am ready to book my spot at the Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton.

If you’re feeling extra hungry and you can’t wait to devour the whole thing (like me); then good news, take on “the Devstator Burger Challenge” and finish the meal in under 10 minutes for a spot on the Wall of Fame. Eat your heart out Adam Richman (the dude from Man vs. Food).

The Devestator Burger from Red Dog Saloon

The Devestator Burger from Red Dog Saloon

For those not into burgers, the Red Dog Saloon has a comprehensive BBQ menu of Ribs, Steak and Chicken Wings. Hell I think they even do salads (with meat in).

So what are you waiting for, lets get devestated.


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This entry was posted on March 20, 2013 by in Food.


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