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Working on THD hockey clubs website redesign with Indigo Studio

I’m currently working with a most excellent piece of software, Indigo Studio. It’s a nifty little program that quickly allows you to create a website wireframe. This innovative and easy to use tool quickly … Continue reading

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My first cycling crash and why TFLs ‘share the road’ campaign doesn’t work in the real world…

I had my first bike crash in London today whilst cycling home from work. I was riding in the cycle lane across Westminster Bridge, following another cyclist, when without warning or reason a … Continue reading

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5 badass YouTube videos to make your Sunday

So, i’ve been a bit of a YouTube fiend for a few years now. My job involves countless hours spent researching the latest technology and associated trends using the world wide web. … Continue reading

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Change your life for the better – 6 reasons to quit the tube and cycle instead

It may sound ridiculous, but quitting the tube and cycling to work has changed my life for the better. You’ll discover why in short order. I’ve lived in London for … Continue reading

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Lyrics to make your heart glow by Shane Koyczan

I stumbled across a poet, a lyrical genius with the power to evoke emotion through ‘Spoken Word’, a rare breed in the modern era. His name is Shane Koyczan His … Continue reading

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AC Firebrand vs AFC Stoke of Luck – Match Report – 25th September (Updated with Video)

Editors Note: This weeks match report is written by budding singer song writer and Firebrand resident bean counter Gordon MacLeod. As the season draws to a close Master MacLeod will hang … Continue reading

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DIY ‘pot’ noodles

This recipe comes to you courtesy of my cooking mentor Krishna, I am but the padawan, and he my Jedi Master teaching me the art of culinary delight. DIY ‘pot’ … Continue reading

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